The permanent makeup industry is ever-evolving. There's new technology, new trainings, new techniques and the omni-present pressure to stay ahead of the game at all times. Many will buckle, but the best, well the best will stay and build. They will build each other up, and they will build the field itself up. Permanent makeup stalwarts Sherry Hale, Dawn Forshaw and Karen Dionis have combined efforts to achieve that end... and they've done it! The goal of the group is to elevate the industry as a whole while being at the forefront of its ascension by providing state of the art education. Four years in the making, Hale is now revealing her unprecedented, multi-faceted approach to raising the bar by bringing permanent makeup to the next level.

The CEO and founder

Sherry Hale, Master Trainer

Sherry is the CEO and founder of the SHALE Group, as well as being the motivating force behind its recent global expansion.  With over 25 combined years in the beauty and Cosmetic Micropigmentation industry, Hale’s name has become synonymous with dedication, passion, and tenacity.

As Western New York’s preeminent Cosmetic Micropigmentation artist, Hale is often called upon to repair extensive damage done by underqualified and unsafe technicians, or to offer solutions for clients struggling with hair loss for medical reasons such as chemotherapy or alopecia.  Sherry’s commitment to helping others has garnered the attention of notable publications such as Good Housekeeping, Red Book, and Woman’s Day, who have heralded the work she has done at her clinic, Custom Beaute, a division of the SHALE enterprise.

Performing over 3500 eyebrow procedures, she takes great pride in her work helping others, and sees an average of 35 clients a week in addition to running her companies.

Sherry excels as a technician and a trainer/educator, honing skills gained  by studying with Masters of the craft around the world.  As a product of her commitment to excellence, Sherry has become a Master herself and enjoys passing these skills on to the next generation of Cosmetic Micropigmentation artists in her new role as a New York State licensed educator.

Academy Director

Karen Dionis

Karen is the Director of Education and Head Instructor for Custom Beaucademy in New York.

The focus of her position is to foster a culture of academic excellence, and to ensure the confidence and success of students who wish to enter or advance in their chosen career of Cosmetic Micropigmentation.

Karen has an extensive background as a professional makeup artist, licensed skincare specialist, and instructor within the professional modeling and fashion world.  This equipped her for success when she made the leap into the permanent makeup and advanced aesthetics industry over 20 years ago.

She has been internationally trained by some of the best artists in the world, as well as holding the position of Academy Manager and Head Instructor at one of the top global companies in the field.  Her passion for teaching is fueled by a driven mindset with attention to detail.  She also has the critical capability to flex her skill set to accommodate the individual learning needs of each student, which is what her graduates say sets her apart from the rest.

Robert Corvino

Chief Operating Officer

Kris Lutz

Chief Financial Officer

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