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  • Fundamental Cosmetic Micropigmentation - All About Brows
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Course Title: Fundamental Cosmetic Micropigmentation - All About Brows


Course No. Name Clock Hours
CMP100 Fundamental Theory Pre-Study Online Modules and Practice 35 clock hrs.
CMP101 Introduction: Theory in Motion review and Q & A on all online modules and homework. 1 clock hr.
CMP102 Client Consultation, Preparation, and Aftercare 6 clock hrs.
CMP103 Office Set Up & MPC Device Usage 4 clock hrs.
CMP104 Sanitation, Sterilization, OSHA and HIV/Aids 8 clock hrs.
CMP105 Color Theory, Skin Anatomy, and Facial Symmetry 6 clock hrs.
CMP106 Techniques, Needles, and Speed 5 clock hrs.
CMP107   Practical Application of MPC on live models   18 clock hrs.
CMP108   Virtual Training/Assessment of portfolio student case study on     volunteer model work. One-week virtual training video online. (4 weeks -8 weeks to complete.) 17 clock hrs.
TOTAL 100 clock hrs.



CMP100 – Fundamental Theory (online) Pre-Study Modules and Practice

This is a 35-hr (online) pre-study module and practice training that covers the mandatory aspects of safety, sanitation, hygiene, anatomy, physiology, disorders, infections, color theory, definitions, legislation, NYS laws, and theory of Cosmetic Micropigmentation. There will be a test following the completion of each module that a student must pass with a 100% before moving onto the next module. The intensive, yet structured, hands-on learning modules include step by step instruction and video demonstrations. An Instructor is available for any questions or assistance the student may need. Students are required to practice basic drawing of brows on paper and take photos of drawings to send to Instructor.

CMP101Introduction –Theory in Motion (classroom)

Students will review all theory and homework from online home study. Additionally, students will have Q & A opportunities. A deeper understanding through PowerPoints and instructor demos of all practical set up and protocol then students do practical under Instructor supervision and individual instruction.

CMP102 – Client Consultations, Preparation, & Aftercare (classroom)

Students will be instructed in detail on how to determine and chart a client’s paperwork on good candidacy prior to starting a procedure regarding possible contraindications, performing an allergy test, medical records, consent, implantation reports, and healing schedules. Students will be taught and practice on each other the step by step process from the point the client arrives to the end of the procedure. This course will also teach the importance of an allergy test and how to perform this on each of their clients. Students will learn the importance of communication with the client and setting appropriate expectations.  Students will learn the necessary procedures for immediate after-care and home care based on each procedure type, skin type, and the area in which the procedure has been performed.

CMP103 – Office Set Up & MPC Device Usage (classroom)

The Instructor will go over in detail all equipment and supplies needed for each procedure. Students will also learn how to properly set up, maintain and address any issues regarding their prospective procedure rooms and reception area.  The Instructor will explain Cosmetic Micropigmentation make up machines in detail. Students will learn the differences between digital devices, tattoo machines, rotating and cylinder devices, manual techniques, and microblading

CMP104 – Sanitation, Sterilization, Safety, OSHA (classroom)

The Instructor will review and stress the importance of proper hygiene, cleaning, and disposal practices of needles. Additionally, OSHA and NYS regulations will be discussed. Students will learn how to properly assemble, sterilize, clean up, and disinfect equipment. Students will be required to set up and clean up their procedure area each day. The Instructor will assess each student daily for proper practices.

CMP105 Color Theory, Skin Anatomy, and Facial Symmetry (classroom)

This course will teach the in-depth color theory and how it is used in Cosmetic Micropigmentation make up. Students will learn how to determine skin tones using the Fitzpatrick Skin type test and select the appropriate pigment colors. Students will learn how to mix colors and do a basic color correction. The Instructor will teach facial analysis, correct measuring, and placement techniques in order to sketch the contour and boundaries of a procedure and placement of pigment. The Instructor will demonstrate how to check all markings and measurements before starting the procedure.  In the course each layer of the skin will be reviewed. Students will then learn how this relates to Cosmetic Micropigmentation make up (i.e. which skin layer pigments should be deposited). Skin disorders and allergies will also be covered.

CMP106 – Techniques, Needles and Speed (classroom)

Students will learn the variances of the basic combinations of needle choices, techniques, and speed setting of device and speed moving through the skin.

Students practice all techniques on practice skins.

CMP107 Hands-on Procedure Experience (classroom)

Procedure Experience: a minimum of one each complete procedure; eyebrows, eyeliner and lips to be performed during training at the academy under Instructor supervision

(4 additional of each procedure are required for assessment).

CMP108 Virtual Training/On-going Support and Case study Training and Assessments (In Academy Assessment)

After the training, the student will be required to bring to the Academy 2 case study models to demonstrate procedure learned for evaluation and feedback to complete final assessment for certification. This will include copies of documents from the case study models being worked on.

1 Week of studying our virtual training video online. Students will have 4 weeks-8 weeks to complete virtual video. Certificate of Completion given.



(17 hrs) 1 Week of studying our virtual Training video online. Students will have 4 weeks-8 weeks to study our virtual video. Certificate of Completion given.


Enrollment Pre-Requisite:


Individuals who would like to enroll and attend Custom Beaucademy LLC must fulfill the following criteria to be considered a candidate:


  1. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma, GED or its equivalent.
  2. Other requirements: All applicants must also possess a license in an appearance enhancement or Allied health field; Or, have prior training in permanent cosmetics of a minimum of 100 hours; Or, are CPCP certified with the SPCP.
    • Prospective students must undergo an interview with an Admissions Agent or Director either in person or via telephone to assess and determine eligibility and proper program placement.
  1. Prior to attending our training program, enrollees must successfully complete an approved Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) course and examination. (a link will be emailed to each student once registered) Each enrollee must also apply for an Erie County tattoo license and take an exam on day one (1) of class. These are mandatory requirements in order to work on live models.

It is the responsibility of the student to contact all city, county and state authorities and their local Department of Health agencies prior to signing up or attending class regarding the rules, regulations. Students need to research all the requirements for obtaining a license and to perform Cosmetic Micropigmentation Tattooing in the state where they will conduct business. Each state, city, and county requirements vary widely.


There are multiple components for a student to successfully complete a course and receive a Certificate of Completion:

  • Fundamental Theory Pre-Study (Online) Modules and Practice Workbook - 35 hours
  • Fundamental Cosmetic Micropigmentation-Theory in Motion- 6 days in-Academy

Practical on volunteer models (classroom) - 48 hours

  • Student Portfolio Case Studies on volunteer models (with instructor support) Student has

4 weeks - 8 weeks to complete and submit case study workbook to instructor for Final Assessment.

Virtual Training/Assessments of portfolio student case study on volunteer model work – 17 hours


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