Permanent Makeup Training

The permanent makeup industry is ever-evolving. There’s new technology, new trainings, new techniques and the omni-present pressure to stay ahead of the game at all times. Many will buckle, but the best, well the best will stay and build. They will build each other up, and they will build the field itself up.

Permanent makeup stalwarts Sherry HaleDawn Forshaw and Karen Dionis have combined efforts to achieve that end… and they’ve done it! The goal of the group is to elevate the industry as a whole while being at the forefront of its ascension. Four years in the making, Hale is now revealing her unprecedented, multi-faceted approach to raising the bar by bringing permanent makeup to the next level in incredible ways.

It doesn’t matter if you are beginning or if you already do it, Custom Beaucademy has a permanent makeup training for you.

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